Johnny Rock & Friends: For The Record brings together several amazing, unsigned musicians to record a once-in-a-lifetime album. Calling on writers, musicians, and family, drummer/producer Johnny Rock formed small ensembles to write and record this special vinyl LP. More than a compilation of songs, For The Record was produced as two cohesive sides of new original music, recorded and mixed on tape; analog all the way to the cutting head. The album packaging also features hand drawn artwork to minimize the 1’s and 0’s between the artists and the audience.

Most of the album’s participants have never released a vinyl record. Today there is a very small number of craftsmen with the skill and equipment to cut a vinyl record without digital processing. This may be Johnny Rock’s and friends’ one and only chance to make an album with the quality and vibe of the records that first inspired them. Record buyers also have access to digital downloads of every song. OFFICIAL RELEASE AUGUST 31, 2015. Purchase the digital version below or buy the vinyl with free download at our new ONLINE STORE!!

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