Wow, has it been almost three months since I’ve blogged? I suppose we’ve been busy. Let’s get to it.

By the end of 2013 we reached the halfway mark in the recording. Five songs now sit finished (methinks) on two reels of 2″ tape, waiting to be mixed. Another song has made big progress and is awaiting overdubs by some special guests. By now you may only be familiar with “Hourglass of Red“ (Andrew Reynolds) and “Just a Note“ (Rob Ferreira, Dave Marcus) from our first two videos. Also completed are “Voices From Heaven” (Tony Caggiano), “Walking Wounded” (Max Feinstein), and “Window To The World” (Javier Valenzuela, John Roccesano). Our next video will look at the making of “Just a Note”, and that should be out soon.

Some pretty notable achievements have been made that we’ll explore in technicolor throughout 2014. Anna Sirota completed recording vocals on her first song, “It’s Been a While“. Several of our musicians or vocalists have given the famous Leslie cabinet a spin; a fine bit of experimentation at every turn. Max employed a vintage, analog Moog Rogue synthesizer on “Walking Wounded.” Javier was the man to debut Sound Over Sound’s Yamaha Parlor Grand, where he nailed the bridge of “Window To The World” in a single take.

On “Window To The World,” I added the only DAW-manipulated sounds* on the record, in order to play up the song’s themes of digital dependency. It was also a fun way to put any sound I wanted but the kitchen sink onto vinyl (we did record the kitchen sink, too, but that was analog). Ironically, this same song contains my first successful vocal recording without any use of pitch correction.

*A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is a computer program used to record and manipulate sound. In this case, Avid’s Pro Tools.

An analog test mix was carried out in New York for “Hourglass of Red,” although not quite meeting our expectations, I’m sorry to say. This has however led to some maintenance at Sound Over Sound to carry out the next test mix right at home. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, my friends and I have been enjoying some digital rough mixes I made. Many more friends and family will be joining us soon, and we’ll likely be exploring some other studios as well. The record is finally coming into focus for those of us making it, and more of it will soon be revealed to you. Thank you for sticking with us, and thanks to our new followers, wherever you are.

-Johnny Rock