Music by Javier Valenzuela
Lyrics by John Roccesano

Recorded by Jonathan Bross and John Roccesano at Sound Over Sound Productions, Aug to Dec 2013
(Sound Collage recorded/assembled by John Roccesano at home)
Mixed by John Roccesano (with help from Tony Caggiano) at Sound Over Sound Productions, Jul to Aug 2014

Drums, Vocals, Sound Collage: John Roccesano
Bass, CP-70 Electric Piano, Grand Piano, Hammond Organ: Javier Valenzuela
Guitar: Juan I. Garcia
Guitar: Max Feinstein

Johnny says of writing “Window To The World”: “The lyrics are based on my own obsession with TV and the internet, but in a broader sense it’s a sarcastic commentary on just how digitally dependent our society has become.” Johnny had written lyrics as early as 2010, then in 2013 a complete rewrite was carried out to the tune of a demo Javier Valenzuela submitted for the record simply titled “n°6.” At the time of the song’s arrangement, Johnny and Javier played together in the band Blue Sour, along with guitarist Juan I. Garcia. Max Feinstein had worked with Blue Sour both as a recording assistant and substitute guitarist; which led to his dueling guitar work with Juan on the finished song. Enhancing the song’s themes of digital dependency, “Window To The World” features the album’s only digital recordings; a sound collage arranged in Pro Tools, then transferred to the 16 track analog tape.

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