Music and Lyrics by Andrew Reynolds

Recorded by Rod Shepard at Xanthi Music, Jun 29, 2014
Mixed by Ernie Indradat at Water Music, Jul 15, 2014

Mandolin, Harmonica, Lead Vocal: Andrew Reynolds
6-string Banjo, Background Vocal: Max Feinstein
Lap, Shakers, Compressed Air Can: John Roccesano

Andrew Reynolds’ acoustic song “Weasel” was written in 2012 and has seen various arrangements in Andrew’s duo with Joe Gallupo called The Part Time Aliens (The PTA), as well as in duets with Max Feinstein. Andrew says the song was written about “a real good friend of mine, and she had [problems]. The first and last verses are about our friendship with each other, and the two middle verses are about her complications.” “Weasel” was recorded by Rod Shepard at Xanthi Music, a musician/producer and studio that helped launch Johnny into the Hudson County music scene; where he met some key players for the record. The song was recorded live and mixed with no overdubs or edits.

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