Music and Lyrics by Max Feinstein

Recorded by Jonathan Bross at Sound Over Sound Productions, Aug to Dec 2013
Mixed by John Roccesano and Max Feinstein at Sound Over Sound Productions, Jul 2014

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Moog Rogue, Vocal: Max Feinstein
Drums: John Roccesano

“The song is somewhat of an abstract expression of what pain can do to your mind,” says composer Max Feinstein. One of the album’s more expedient productions, “Walking Wounded” consists of only two performers, with Max playing all of the parts except for Johnny Rock’s drums. The song is the album’s only deliberately progressive rock song, with time signatures alternating between patterns of 5/8 and 6/8. The song was also the first on the album to employ the Moog Rogue analog synthesizer, generating the various low bass notes that enter in the first chorus.

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