Music and Lyrics by Tony Caggiano

Recorded by Jonathan Bross at Sound Over Sound Productions, Jun to Dec 2013
Mixed by John Roccesano (with help from Tony Caggiano) at Sound Over Sound Productions, Jun 2014

Drums, Background Vocals: John Roccesano
Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals: Tony Caggiano
Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar: Rob Ferreira
Leslie-Cabinet Guitars, Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals: Dave Marcus
Hammond Organ: Jonathan Bross
Background Vocals: Mike Engle

Tony’s Caggiano’s song “Voices From Heaven” was written in the wake of losing a loved one. The song was first arranged in rehearsals for the record during the spring of 2013. “Voices From Heaven” and “Just A Note” shared the same core lineup of Tony, Dave Marcus, Rob Ferreira, and Johnny Rock. As such, the two songs would be worked on simultaneously throughout the year. In the studio, several vintage instruments and classic recording techniques were used to achieve the song’s dreary, yet emotional atmosphere.

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