Music by Anthony R. Nardino, John Roccesano, Max Feinstein, and Greg Gutjahr
Lyrics by John Roccesano, Joseph Nardino, and Anthony R. Nardino

Recorded by Jonathan Bross and John Roccesano at Sound Over Sound Productions, Feb 2014 to Mar 2015.
Mixed by John Roccesano at Sound Over Sound Productions, Mar 2015.

Drums, Bongos, Background Vocals, Moog Rogue: John Roccesano
Bass: Greg Gutjahr
Piano, Hammond Organ, Background Vocals: Anthony Nardino
Guitars: Max Feinstein
Lead Vocal: Gerald Daniel
Background Vocal: Donna “Mama D” Ward

Shaker: Jonathan Bross
Ensemble Vocal: Andrew Reynolds
Ensemble Vocal: Megumi Araseki
Ensemble Vocal: Joseph Nardino
Ensemble Vocal: Valerie Del Priore

“The Tidal Track” saw Johnny Rock working with his cousins Anthony Nardino and Joseph Nardino. Close friends since childhood, each neurotic in his own way, the trio has recorded various video and music projects through the years (if you just remembered “The Monkey Show,” you know us too well).

With Johnny’s friends Max Feinstein and Greg Gutjahr, the team wrote the music for “The Tidal Track” in a single 8-hour session. The lyrics (which then took almost a year to complete) are based on the revival of an old guitar once owned by the Nardinos’ late uncle, the impact of Superstorm Sandy on the eastern seaboard, and the fiery destruction of Funtown Pier in Seaside Park, NJ. “The Tidal Track” features homemade sound effects generated entirely on a Moog Rogue analog synthesizer, meant to emulate the sounds of the Jersey shore in summer. Gerald Daniel was recommended by Joseph to deliver the lead vocal.

Writing "The Tidal Track" January 20, 2014

Writing “The Tidal Track” January 20, 2014

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