Music by John Roccesano

Recorded by Sean Kelly at Water Music, Apr 6, 2014
Mixed by Ernie Indradat and John Roccesano at Water Music, July 15, 2014

Drums: John Roccesano

Since 1999, Johnny Rock envisioned recording a drum solo that would tell a story, with a beginning, middle, and end. In the big room at Water Music, the drum solo was finally arranged and recorded live (with an enormous sound, owed in part to a 7-piece Ludwig drum kit, large room, Neve console, and vintage tape machines). Johnny recalls mapping out the concept with Max Feinstein: “We decided the ‘story’ would be this wanderer who begins his journey reprising several drum beats and fills from the entire album. Next the solo would take on a life of its own; a moment to let loose and do some improvisation. Finally, the nomad is approached by an antagonist, a drum machine. The real drums then battle this machine, with my chops running near full blast by the end to slay this beast.”

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