Music by Meagan Partington
Lyrics by John Roccesano and Meagan Partington

Recorded by John Roccesano at “3300 Geo Studios”, Aug 31, 2014
Mixed by John Roccesano at Sound Over Sound Productions, Sep 8, 2014

Acoustic Guitar, Vocal: Meagan Partington
Vocal: John Roccesano

“More Than That” is a tribute to the late Pat Laudicina, grandmother of Meagan Partington, aunt/Godmother of John Roccesano. Johnny states “The song is short, but it had a very long road to completion (literally and figuratively). Unlike most artists on the album, who live in New Jersey, Meagan lives in south Florida, over a thousand miles away.” The long-distance collaboration was first proposed around Christmas of 2012, and it was finally recorded in 2014 on the third anniversary of Pat’s passing.

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