Music by Rob Ferreira
Lyrics by Dave Marcus

Recorded by Jonathan Bross at Sound Over Sound Productions, May to Dec 2013
Mixed by John Roccesano (with help from Tony Caggiano) at Sound Over Sound Productions, Jun 2014

Drums: John Roccesano
Bass: Tony Caggiano
Guitars: Rob Ferreira
Guitars, Vocals: Dave Marcus
Background Vocal: Mike Engle

A song unfinished for several years, Rob Ferreira presented a draft to Dave Marcus for collaboration. Dave’s lyrics and vocal melody were added, and further tweaks made in rehearsal. Dave says the song is about “somebody who doesn’t believe in faith. Maybe one day they will find it, but in their own perspective [they] can’t get it at the time.” Tony Caggiano was invited by Johnny Rock to play bass on the track; which paved the way for Johnny’s former bandmates to also play on a song Tony submitted, “Voices From Heaven.”

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