Music by Andrew Reynolds
Lyrics by Anna Sirota

Recorded by Jonathan Bross at Sound Over Sound Productions, Aug 2013 to Apr 2014
Mixed by John Roccesano at Sound Over Sound Productions, Jul to Aug 2014

Drums: John Roccesano
Acoustic Guitar: Andrew Reynolds
Vocal: Anna Sirota
Upright Bass: Scott Bross
Upright Bass (Bonus Outtake Only): Greg Gutjahr
Flute: Paul Larsen

“It’s Been A While” is the first song ever written by the song’s vocalist, Anna Sirota. Anna says of the song, “I wrote it when I was having a really hard time in my life. [I] had an existential crisis, so to speak, and I think that’s what the song is really about…It’s more of a general feeling that I think a lot of people can relate to.” Johnny paired Anna with songwriter/guitarist Andrew Reynolds to assist with writing music and melody. Anna and Andrew say the project not only brought them together as collaborators, but also as friends.

Johnny further enhanced the production by inviting his first musical mentor, Paul Larsen, to play flute. Paul has been a band director and music educator over 35 years in the Caldwell/West Caldwell, NJ school district. Johnny recalls, “Here I was alongside my first musical guru, in the studio where I made my first CD, with the man who recorded that first CD (Jonathan Bross), who is also a former student of Paul’s. And all of us are now helping Anna record her first song. It’s like watching my musical journey come full circle. It’s really beautiful.” The recording was completed by Scott Bross’s impeccable upright bass playing; a bonus alternate mix is available with upright bass by Greg Gutjahr.

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