Rob Ferreira has been playing guitar since the mid-1990s, initially inspired by the likes of Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, and his brother John. Rob attributes his musical growth to “the Jonny Greenwoods & Billy Howerdels of the world”, and a keen interest in film scores. Hailing from Harrison, NJ, Rob first found success in the alternative rock band Downshallow, and he is currently playing guitar in a nationally-touring rock band called Dead Fish Handshake. Rob and Johnny Rock became fans of each others’ music around 2010, which led to Johnny’s brief stint as the drummer for Dead Fish Handshake during their 2011 Across State Lines tour. Rob and Johnny have also staged a live Beatles tribute dubbed “We’re SO Heavy” with fellow For The Record talents Max FeinsteinJavier Valenzuela, and Dave Marcus.

When he’s not on stage rocking out, Rob enjoys being in the recording studio and/or learning the secrets of different production methods. At least, that’s all he tells us; we also know he’s a happy family man! On For The Record Rob is contributing a song called “Just a Note” co-written with Dave Marcus, and lending his guitar chops to a song titled “Voices From Heaven” by Tony Caggiano.

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