Max Feinstein has been playing music since 2000 and recording professionally since 2004. Based out of Hoboken, NJ, Max has played guitar and sang in various local and touring bands. He and Johnny Rock have collaborated on most of each other’s music projects since 2009. In 2012 Max recorded and released his first solo album Round of Sound following a successful Kickstarter campaign. Max is influenced primarily by John Frusciante, Steven Wilson, and Prince; he is additionally inspired by his fellow musicians, basic earthly interaction, and a self-admitted overactive imagination.

When he’s not completely immersed in music, Max enjoys eliciting laughter (or horror) with a signature brand of oddness, or else brewing Limoncello from a family recipe. Max currently plays bass guitar with For The Record talents Johnny Rock and Andrew Reynolds in their band Precious Roy, plays bass guitar in the rock band Devi, and he continues to garner global attention for his solo work. Max will be contributing to half of the songs on For The Record, including one of his own compositions titled “Walking Wounded”.

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