Mr. Production himself, Jonathan Bross has been making music most of his life. Born and raised in New Jersey, at age 9 Jon wrote his first song for Miss Black America in the mid-1970s. Jon’s influences range wide and include classical music, movie scores, musicals, and the rock music of the 60s and 70s.

In 1988, Jon opened Sound Over Sound Productions, which has since developed into one of the premiere project studios in northern NJ. It is there that Jon specializes in the crafts of writing and arranging songs, producing and recording artists of every musical genre, as well as providing artist development. Jon also works in the film and television industry as a producer, writer, story/concept developer, and more. His latest major project is a high concept, action feature movie trailer in production called Goliath.

Jon Bross first met Johnny Rock at a recording session in 1998 through their mutual friend Glen Ayers, and thus began Johnny Rock’s foray into professional recording. Throughout the years Jon and Johnny have worked together on several music and film projects; most notably the vocal sessions and mixing of One Word Song’s 2008 album I Can’t Be Trusted. Jon is the principal recording engineer and co-producer of For The Record, most of which is being recorded at Sound Over Sound Productions on his Otari MX-80.

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