Born in Santiago, Chile and raised in Westchester, New York, Javier Valenzuela has been playing music since he first picked up an accordion at age 4. In the 30+ years since then, Javier taught himself guitar and bass, studied classical piano, and also learned how to write music. His influences include The Beatles, David Paich, Billy Joel, Dave Matthews Band, and many more. Javier and Johnny Rock first met as members of the band Mistic Rein in 2006. In 2012 the two would play together again in Blue Sour, a band Javier and For The Record guitarist Juan Ignacio Garcia first formed in Chile. Javier has also appeared alongside For The Record talents Rob Ferreira, Max Feinstein, Dave Marcus, and Johnny Rock on stage for a Beatles tribute dubbed “We’re SO Heavy.”

Outside of music Javier has spent time as an industrial, civil, and mechanical engineer, and he enjoys the sport of swimming. Javier can be seen regularly on stage rocking bass and/or keyboards at some of the most popular venues in the NY/NJ area. His contribution to For The Record is the music for a song called “Window To The World”, on which he plays bass guitar, pianos, and organ.


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