Anthony R. Nardino

Anthony R. Nardino is one of the hardest working church musicians in New Jersey. He is the Director of Sacred Music at St. Peter the Apostle University & Community Parish, The Catholic Center at Rutgers, and The New Brunswick Oratory of St. Philip Neri.  Raised in a family passionate about music and the arts, coupled with a strong Catholic upbringing, Anthony’s musical journey seemed to be all but preordained. A gifted musician and performer from a young age, Anthony trained to be a professional organist at Catholic University of America.

Anthony’s brother Joseph Nardino and his cousin Johnny Rock have always been the best of friends, the three of them always playing together at family functions in their youth. On occasion, and sometimes even vacation, Johnny Rock would push the trio to create various productions for a home movie camera or cassette recorder. Anthony and Johnny would make their first truly professional project together in 2004, when Johnny recorded Anthony’s original music for a school play called “A Holiday Heist.” In 2008, the pair recorded the theme for “Mass Class,” a regular program on Sirius XM radio’s The Catholic Channel.

In 2014, Anthony, Joseph, and Johnny began writing “The Tidal Track” on For The Record, along with Max Feinstein and Greg Gutjahr. The epic song features Anthony doing what he does best – playing grand piano, organ, and singing background vocals (which he also arranged).

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