From January 20, 2014 to March 27, 2015, eleven people would contribute to the recording of a song called ‘The Tidal Track.’ It was the last song written for inclusion on ‘For The Record.’ It was inspired by events that took place long before our birth, and also in present times. It was an effort to bring the family together, alongside some best friends, and create a monster out of thin air.

Part 1 of our Youtube miniseries introduces the core creative team. My cousins, the brothers Joseph and Anthony Nardino, have been two of my best friends since childhood. They’re very talented, and very opinionated when it comes to writing and music. Even our silly childhood puppet shows were meant to emulate the greats.

The three of us set out to write a long, epic song to stand alongside the rock classics we admire. We aimed to tell the true story of a lucky man who won the top prize on the Seaside Heights boardwalk – a 12-string Zim Gar guitar. Ironically, the lucky man then died very young. The guitar remained with his daughter, unplayed and kept in less-than-ideal storage for decades. By 2011 the guitar ended up with Max Feinstein for repair.

Around the same time, the New Jersey coast was struck by a series of unfortunate events. Hurricane Irene in 2011, Superstorm Sandy in 2012, and a raging boardwalk fire in 2013 destroyed so much of the barrier islands. Homes and businesses where we had all grown up in were utterly devastated. Our youth was literally in debris. We hoped that once this old guitar was back in shape, it could be the voice of our grief.