Another half-year, another blog! Since our record release I’ve had little time to tend to promotion, as I’ve been steadily touring and recording with a hustling band called The Devyl Nellys. ‘For The Record’ has been making its way slowly through our extended network of family and friends. It’s a delight every time I learn someone has discovered the vinyl record. Our beautiful cover by Joe Gallupo seems to be having the right effect. Several of our songs also turned up in a great new documentary by some friends called Rocky Horror Saved My Life. It all fits so nicely – thank you to the production team for including our tracks in such a great film!

Our YouTube channel launched in 2013, and one of my great joys has been conducting interviews and editing all of our videos. This was a thoroughly documented project, and to date we have released nine videos about our artists and producers, the making of 9/10 songs, and other assorted goodies. Since August I have been preparing the last of our “making of” videos for “The Tidal Track“.

“The Tidal Track” is a song that required a cast of characters to bring it to life over a timespan of 14 months. It’s unique for a number of reasons, and it requires a lot of exposition to tell the story. More time and money was spent on “The Tidal Track” than any other song I’ve recorded. For a time it was the most expedient song on the album, until it became the most daunting. It was the only song forced into hiatus for the better part of a year. Analog recording techniques and experimentation were pushed to the limits from beginning to end.

“The Tidal Track” is also more than a song – it’s several stories overlapping, sometimes inexplicably mirroring each other. It’s lyrics, a very deliberate and collaborative affair, seem to encapsulate the anxieties of its subject matter and its writers. I’ve never done anything like it before, and doubt I ever will again.

I made a rule when I started to never release videos longer than 10 minutes, but there was no way this could be forced in that container. The end result will be an eight-part mini-series of short videos, a total of 53 minutes, detailing nearly every aspect of creating “The Tidal Track” and its key players. You’ll see footage of the song from our first day of writing to the last day of mixing, and every major challenge in between.

Part 1 of the series will premiere on our YouTube channel Saturday January 30, 2016. If you tune in to just this one video, you’ll find out what inspired this epic track, and trace its roots to childhood bonds with my cousins Joseph Nardino and Anthony Nardino. In the week to follow I’ll release one new installment each day, with Part 8 concluding on Saturday February 6. I am also preparing an accompanying blog here on

Thank you to everyone who’s been following our story all these years. I hope it’s been entertaining, and if nothing else I’m excited to have created the video series I’ve always wanted to see. Making music and making magic~

Be sure to check out this music video compiled from our recording footage as well. Enjoy!